Rose Water Toner

Happy Tuesday, my lovely readers. Today is all about a new organic product I tried for the past week.   Rose Water Toner from B True Beauty! Not only is it organic, but it works wonders. There isn't a strong scent to it which is great, because it's not overpowering. It completes my night routine, by … Continue reading Rose Water Toner


Fall/Winter with Curel Hydra Therapy

It about that time of year again, the holiday get-togethers, excessive food, presents, family, and…. DRY SKIN!!!Nothing bothers me more than having dry skin, and with the cold weather it becomes my life during these months. My skin is dry and itchy and it feels like no matter how many times I apply lotion, it … Continue reading Fall/Winter with Curel Hydra Therapy

My Go-to Everyday/ Workday Makeup (Level Easy)

Finding an everyday make up look, or work appropriate look sometimes can be a little tricky. I know in the past I have had trouble trying to create one that made me look fresh and awake (especially Monday mornings). For me an everyday look is more natural no makeup look. I finally found one that … Continue reading My Go-to Everyday/ Workday Makeup (Level Easy)

4 Lessons on Marriage

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This year (February to be exact) I celebrated 5 years of marriage with my husband . It has been a long journey where we both have learned so much about us individually, as a couple, and have learned so much about marriage. A lot of times people go in to … Continue reading 4 Lessons on Marriage

Influenster’s Maybelline Voxbox: Unboxing/ First Impressions!

There is a new video on my channel today featuring Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara in Royal Blue! Here is a little recap of my thoughts on this campaign. 1. This was such a fun campaign. I normally don’t get outside my comfort zone, but I had to in this one. I usually only stick to … Continue reading Influenster’s Maybelline Voxbox: Unboxing/ First Impressions!